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Eyebrow Shape  


The Eyebrow Shape is for those of you who have never done anything to your eyebrows before, or if you're looking for  a tidy up. Using warm wax to remove the hairs and then tweezers to shape them, this treatment is very quick and will leave you with beautiful looking eyebrows to define your face and eyes.



Eyelash Tinting **


Are you fed up of applying mascara everyday? Do you find it hard to even put mascara on due to wearing glasses? Are you off on holiday soon, and want dark, bright eyelashes but worried mascara will wash off in the sea? Do you have fair lashes or feel your lashes are non-existant?




Well this is a simple procedure with dramatic results! After protecting the eye area, the tint is applied and left on the lashes for up to 8minutes, where in this time it penerates the hair and dyes it.The tint is then removed quickly and you are left with beautiful lashes that will last up to 6 weeks.



Eyebrow Tinting  **


Do you have fair eyebrows that look out of place against your hair colour? Do you wish your eyebrows looked thicker? Are you fed up using eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrows looks more shapely and defined?




Get fantastic results with an Eyebrow Tine. The tint is applied and left on your brows for up to 2 minutes depending on the desired shade, during which time, the tint penetrates the hair. The tint is then removed and you are left with beautiful, defined eyebrows that will last up to 6 weeks.



Eyelash Extentions


Click here to see our Eyelashes page for full details.




**Please note: A patch test is required at least 24hours prior to your first tinting treatment.

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