Spray Tanning

Worry no longer about 'orange' or 'streaky' tans!


Sienna X spray tans will provide you with a gorgeous, natural-looking tan and all without the dangers of skin damage from the UVA/UVB rays of the sun. This means that you can have that 'golden glow' all year-round.


Why should I have a Sienna X spray tan?


  • It's quick as it only takes 10 minutes

  • It's safe for your skin as there are no harmful rays

  • It's natural looking as there are different shades available to suit you

  • It's good for your skin as it's nourishing and moisturising

  • It's high profile - top celebs love it!

  • It's confidence boosting!


Before your Sienna X spray tan...


To ensure you get a beautiful, even glow and keep your colour for longer, follow these simple tips before you have your spray tan:


  • Shave at least 24 hours before treatment or 48 hours if you wax. You need the pores of your skin to close properly so that you don't get the dreaded dotting!

  • Once you are hair-free, be sure to exfoliate the skin using a body scrub to gently buff away dry skin. Applying tan to radiant 'new' skin will help the colour stay for longer.

  • Apply a moisturiser to your skin the night before your tan. Be sure to focus on the driest areas of your body such as hands, elbows, knees and ankles.

  • Paint your nails and toe nails (especially if you have artificial nails) to prevent discolouration from the tan.

  • On the day of your treatment, rinse off any oils, moisturisers and makeup and be sure to avoid deodorant or perfume until after your treatment.


After your Sienna X spray tan...


Be sure to follow the advice below to help prolong your stunningly gorgeous glow:


  • Have loose-fitting, dark clothes and flip flops to wear after your treatment so that no marks are made in your new tan.

  • Do not exercise or go swimming during the development time.

  • If you are not showering until the next morning, be sure to wear loose gloves or socks in bed to prevent your hands from touching your body and leaving unsightly marks.

  • Don't shower or take a bath during the development period or for at least 8 hours after your treatment.

  • Be sure to use a light body wash (mild and gentle) so that you don't strip the colour and leave it looking patchy.

  • Pat yourself dry after a shower. Do not rub!

  • Tans can begin to fade more quickly if your skin is dry so be sure to moisturise daily to help extend your beautiful colour.







Three Months Before: Facial treatment program every 4 to 6 weeks

Two Months Before: Enhance your nails with a manicure every other week

One Month Before: Color or perm your hair, conditioning treatment

Three to Four Weeks Before: Haircut, practice style with headpiece, makeup lesson

Two Weeks Before: Full set of nails (acrylic, linen), facial, haircuts for men in bridal party

One Week Before: Pedicure, waxing (lip, brow,leg, bikini, arm), brow tint, lash tint

(no mascara 24 hours prior to appointment)

One to Two Days Before: Nail fill or maintenance manicure for bride and groom

Wedding Day: Skin conditioning, makeup application, polish change or manicure, bridal up-do, stress relieving scalp, neck and shoulder massage using essential oil compositions




To alleviate last-minute problems, schedule your appointments 6 weeks in advance.

Identify yourself as a member of the bridal party when scheduling your appointments.

Please ask each member of the wedding party to confirm or cancel their appointments 24 hours in advance. Wear a button down shirt for your wedding day appointment.

All waxing services require at least 3 to 4 weeks of hair growth.

For chemically treated hair, avoid chlorinated water in hot tubs, swimming pools, and Jacuzzis. Please consult with your Perm/Color Specialist.




Bridal Consult w/Alexander & Rebecca - $200.00

Bridal Hair w/Alexander & Rebecca - $200.00

Bridal Hair Consultation with team member - $125.00

Bridal Hair with team member - $125.00

Bridal Make-up Consultation* - $85.00

Bridal Make-up Application* - $85.00






Trial Bride or Bridal Style - Starting at $125.00

On your special day please arrive with clean dry hair. 
Please wear a button down shirt. Shampoo and Blow-Dry not included.


Trial Bride or Bridal Make-Up - Starting at $75.00


Trial Bride or Bridal Airbrush Make-Up - Starting at $85.00

Trial make-up is suggested for brides to ensure that the make-up is compatible with photos and videos.


Brides Package (Day Of Wedding) - $300.00, Gratuity Included

Includes Up-Do/Style, Make-up Application, Instant Radiance Facial, Manicure.


Bridesmaids Packages - $170.00 Per Person, Gratuity Included

Includes Up-Do/Style, Make-Up Application, Express Manicure.


Alexander's Spa Sample - $210.00 Per Person, Gratuity Included

Experience our abbreviated services of 1/2 hr Massage, Signature Mini Facial, Mini Pedicure, and an express Manicure.


Grooms Rejuvenation Package - $180.00 Per Person, Gratuity Included

Experience our Hour Phoenix Massage, Sports Manicure, and a Great Hair Cut..

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