Waxing is an effective form of hair removal which removes hairs direct from the roots. The hair needs to be long enough for the wax to grip onto, so we recomend hair to be left for at least 2 weeks in order for the hair to be removed easier! The hair needs to be about half a centimetre long.


Firstly, we prepare the area to be waxed with a pre-wax lotion, which will remove any body oils, make up or perspiration which may prevent the wax from gripping the hairs properly. The wax is then smoothly applied with a fresh spatula to the treatment area. Then with the skin held taut, the strip will be quickly and firmly pulled from the skin, removing the wax and hair along with it. After the treatment, after-wax lotion will then be applied to cool and soothe the skin.


The benefits of waxing include:


  • Hair-free skin for over 3weeks, so no need to shave everyday!

  • Non-stubbly hair regrowth

  • Hairs become finer and more sparse the more you get waxed.

  • Beautifully soft skin!


We ask you to arrive for your waxing appointment clean and fresh, and recommend that you do not wear any tight clothing, or apply any deodrant or perfumed products to the treated area for up to 24 hours after the treatment, as this could cause irritation.


We wax most areas of the body, so if the area you would liked to be treated is not on the list below, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements:


  • 1/2 leg (including the knee)                            

  • 3/4 leg                                                                

  • Full Leg    

  • Eyebrow

  • Upper Lip                                                                

  • Chin    

  • Side of Face    

  • Forearm (up to elbow)                                      

  • Full Arm (up to shoulder)                                    

  • Underarm                                                                  

  • Bikini (a simple tidy up around the knicker line)                        

  • High Bikini (knickers are pulled in slightly to give a neater finish)      

  • Brazillian (leaving a thin landing strip from front to back)                    

  • Buttocks                                                      

  • Back (as much or as little off as needed)      

  • Chest (as much or as little off as needed)    

  • Abdomen




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